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Infrastructure facilities
The centre is equipped with complete OPD, Indoor treatment & diagnostic facilities required for successfully running a full fledged Urology department.
OPD:    Team urology -- CONSULT ONE GET THREE !
Round the clock not only a fully qualified but a highly experienced Urologist is present in the OPD.  A patient pays for one urologist consultation, but automatically gets a second and third opinion, as all cases are discussed and are managed and operated jointly by our expert team of urologist.
Specialized UROLOGY CLINICS -- How it works…
Each specialized urology clinic (held once a week) will have 3-4doctors or allied specialty and they will formulate a management plan for that particular patient.
Stone clinic
Will have an Endo-Urologist, Laparoscopic Urologist, Microbiologist and a Dietician, with focus on treatment and prevention of re-occurrence of stone.
Paediatric Urology clinic
Any child with urine problem will be expertly guided by a Paediatric-Urologist, Pediatrician and dietician.
Onco-Urology clinic
Will have an Onco-Urologist, a Medical-Oncologist and Hospi-Medicare specialist, providing comprehensive cancer care.
Andrology clinic
All sexual dysfunctions and infertility cases will be managed in our modern andrology lab.
Neuro-Urology clinic
Any patient of neurogenic bladder will have a Neuro-Urologist a Neurologist, a Urodynamic specialist, a physiotherapist on panel.
Uro-Gynecology clinic
Any lady with the urine problem will be simultaneously examined and opined upon by an Uro-Gynecologist and Gynecologist.
Other Advanced Equipment
Urodynamic Lab:
Our advanced pc based Uro-flowmetry and Uro-dynamics has a computerized windows based Urodynamics for quick and reliable testing with high precision flow censors.
Lithotripsy (ESWL)
Our advanced Italian machine has a precise focal point. Thus effectively breaking the stone in a painless manner. Further the high frequency image processor can pick up even the small stone, thus reducing the chances of re-occurrence. The unique pulse and respirator mode ensures precise shock delivery.
Kidney centre has a total of 15 beds, two private, two semi-private beds & eleven general ward beds.
Personalized patient care:-
24 hours one of the urologists is always present. All post operative cases personally looked into by the urologist himself not leaving anything to the general duty medical officer.
Ultra modern operation theatre:
This dedicated urology canter has an ultra-modern operation theatre, with latest endoscopic & laparoscopic fitments & stare of the art, three chip camera. Also fitted is CCTV with facilities for the patient’s relatives to view the endoscopic procedures live. Also all the Endo & Laparoscopic procedures are recorded & an excellent medical archive maintained. This is especially relevant in cases of Carcinoma bladder where the patient has to be on long term follow up.
Arrangement for procurement of blood
We are meeting our blood requirement from Post Graduate Institute of medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Govt. Medical College & Hospital Sector 32, Govt. Hospital Sector 16 Chandigarh, and Rotary & Blood Bank Society Centre, Dakshin Marg (Near Batra Theatre), Sector 37, Chandigarh. It will not be out place to mention that no private blood bank has so far been sanctioned in Union Territory of Chandigarh and all private hospitals are totally dependent on these institutions for their blood requirement. We are pleased to inform you that we have been getting satisfactory services from these Institutions and no problem has been faced so far.
Nursing & technical staff
Nursing % technical staffs specially trained in Uro-Endoscopic & Laparoscopic procedures are present round the clock to handle any type of emergency. Kidney Center can also boast of having the best Lithotripsy expert.  The supporting diagnostic laboratory is headed by a consultant pathologist (MD Pathology) & radiological investigations by an MD Radiology.
Human resources:
Major chunk of urology patients fall in the geriatric & senior citizens age group when majority of urinary system related ailments crop up. These senior citizens require special treatment & that is what is offered here. Also we have dedicated team of patient councilors, who look into all humane aspects of patient care.
Infection control:
It has always been our endeavor to control/eliminate infection in the hospital. Some of the steps taken in this direction are as follows:
1.      An excellent house keeping system is working round the clock to ensure utmost cleanliness in the hospital premises. This is being undertaken by professionally qualified staff by using equipments like Mechanized scrubbers, hydraulic vacuum cleaners etc.
2.      All beds, other furniture, fixtures are carbolized every week as a routine & this is often done in between as per requirement. Fumigation of all wards is done on a regular basis to keep them infection free.
3.      All equipments are sterilized on a regular basis.
4.      All floors are cleaned by applying phenyl & other cleaning solutions & mopped on a regular basis to keep them dry & clean
5.      Air purifier is installed for purifying the air.
6.      We have engaged the services of a professional company to carry out frequent pest control activities.
Biomedical waste management
Undertaking that the disposal of biomedical waste is done as per the existing regulations: Our Hospital has devised a foolproof system to ensure proper disposal of biomedical waste generated in the Hospital as per the procedure laid down by the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee, who has been authorized by the Government of India to ensure Bio-medical Waste Management as per the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Our hospital is having agreement with Company named “Alliance Envirocare Company” for the Biomedical waste management. Letter of Agreement is enclosed.
Acceptability & recognition
We at Kidney Centre are taking the recognition & acceptability enjoyed by the institution as a responsibility & this gives us an inspiration to improve upon the services. The institute has taken pu a mission of providing world class Urology Care at a cost affordable to the common man. It is a well known fact that availability of facilities alone won’t solve the problem & what is required at this point of time is making such facilities affordable & accessible to the general public. It is in this context that KIDNEY CENTRE has committed itself & putting in significant efforts to make specialized urological treatment – an affair which common middle class & lower middle class people can think of within their reach.
Social Responsibility
Kidney Centre is also committed to creating awareness amongst the masses about various Urological disorders. There is equally a need to update the knowledge of various medical practitioners about the latest techniques applied in various urological procedures medicine used in critical cases. There has been a void in this all important area & we, as an institution with a social commitment took up this challenge& accepted this as a part of our responsibilities. . Many continuing medical education programs (CME) & urological medical camps are being organized at different parts of the region. CME programs are based on various acute urological conditions & the latest treatment adopted in such cases. Free Urological camps organized at different parts of the region attracted huge response & people from different walks of life got benefited from such camps. The demand fro more such camps at frequent intervals is a proof of its acceptability& the awareness being created amongst the the people. The CME programs are also attracting very positive response from practicing physicians/surgeons, medical students, paramedical staff & even the general public.
No doubt print & electronic media have helped a lot in creating a culture of health care awareness & the popularity of such programs has been increasing tremendously in the past decade.  KIDNEY CENTRE regularly sponsors health talks on radio also. . We are extremely happy that the media has acclaimed our efforts in this direction in general. Various National / vernacular dallies & publications have given proper coverage such events & their support has always been a pat on our back to pursue our objectives more vigorously
Screening programs
It is a commonly accepted fact that Prostate cancer is the most common urological cancer in the world. This adds to the responsibilities of the medical fraternity as a whole, to pick up early cases of prostate cancer so as to offer them a potentially cure. We rededicate ourselves to this cause & commit ourselves to provide the best available screening program   for prostate cancer at the least possible cost. 
The screening program include a serum PSA levels (Age specific PSA, free to total PSA % and PSA density if required), DRE (digital rectal examination), and a TRUS (Trans-rectal ultrasound). All this followed by detail consultations with our Uro-Oncologist. Also supplied is a patient information booklet on prostate cancer. This dedicated screening program is not prevalent anywhere in the private sector. By registering in the screening program at a very nominal rate, the member can avail of the future consultations & treatments if required for prostate cancer at very subsidized rates
Recognition of our hospital by eminent organizations
We have great pride and pleasure to mention you that our Institute is enjoying a lot of trust and confidence of the general public in this region. In fact, the increasing acceptability and Recognition of our Hospital give us inspiration to aim at even greater heights in the matter of quality of treatment and patient care. We, at our Institute, have always been striving to achieve Global Standards in respect of facilities, quality of treatment and patient care and the recognition accorded by various eminent and prestigious Govt. / Semi-Govt. Organizations and Corporate Bodies by way of empanelling our Hospital for treatment of their employees and families. This has provided us encouragement to perform still better as there is always scope for improvement.
With the facilities as stated above and the team of medical/ Para-Medical Staff we are sure that we would be in a better position to offer you the best possible services. We have provided the Tariff of ours own, which ever is applicable please confirm at earliest.