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Dr. Rajesh Gulia

MBBS(AIIMS), MS Gen Surg(AIIMS), Gold Medalist, NYAMS(USA)
DNB(Urology), MNAMS(Genito-Urinary Surgery)
Dr. Rajesh Gulia is an eminent Urologist. He has done his basic medical & surgical training from one of the best Institute in Asia- All India Institute of Medical Sciences- AIIMS, New Delhi. The-rafter he worked in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Puttaparthy for 4 years, where he operated thousands of cases of prostate diseases, Kidney Stones etc. bringing relief to the suffering millions. How has further specialized himself in Endo-Urology, Urinary stones of any shape, size or location can be now removed by key hole surgeries call PCNL. He was awarded the Gold Medal in MS-Surgery in AIIMS, New Delhi in 1996. Awarded the ‘Young Surgeons Travel Fellowship’ by the Japan Surgical Society in April 97. Then he was awarded the Membership of National Academy of Medical Sciences in Urology in Jan 2001. Apart from presenting numerous papers at various conferences, he has also moderated seminars & symposiums on Stress Urinary Incontinence and Common Prostate Problems. He presented a CME lecture on Myths & Realities in Urinary Stone Disease Management on 29th Nov. 2003, at YamunaNagar in association with the district IMA. He is an active member of the following societies- Urology Society of India, Asian Society of Endo-Urology, the S.E. Asian Urology Association the Indian Continence Foundation.
  1. Best intern award during Rotatory Internship at AIIMS in 1992.
  2. 1st prize in Heart Airway Rescue Training Course conducted at AIIMS in Nov 95.
  3. 2nd prize in Ethicon Suture Practicum workshop on “Suture and Anastomosis” in 1Aug 96.
  4. ‘Best Participant prize in the workshop on “Advance techniques in Endoscopy Surgery & Laparoscopic suturing & knotting” organized in collaboration with Leeds Institute of Minimally Invasive therapy & AIIMS in march 96.
  5. Awarded Gold Medal in MS – General Surgery – AIIMS.
  6. Awarded the ‘Young Surgeons Travel Fellowship by the Japan Surgical Society in April 97.
  7. 3 rd prize for the Vijayawada Best Paper award for the year 1999-2000 ( Mainz II -as co-author).
  8. Best Poster award in the 11 th AP-SOGUS ‘99, Kurnool, A.P. , Oct 99 (multiple ectopic ureters).
  9. Best overall paper in the 12 th AP-S0GUS 2000, Visakapatnam, Aug ‘2000 (TFL co-author).
  10. Best paper by a P.G. in the 12 th AP-S0GUS 2000, Visakapatnam, Aug ‘2000 (EPN).
  11. Best poster in SZ-USICON ‘2000, Visakapatnam, Aug ‘2000 (Kramers Flap).
  12. 2 nd best paper in SZ-USICON ‘2000, Visakapatnam, Aug ‘2000.
  13. Awarded the Membership of National Academy of Medical Sciences in Urology, in Jan2001.
Study of The Short Term Results of The Three Techniques of Herniorrhaphy: McVays, Shouldice and Bassinis. Done under the guidance of Drs A. Kumar, S. Bal and Prof T.K. Chattopadhya and submitted as Thesis work to the faculty of the All India Instute of Medical Sciences in partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Surgery (General Surgery).
  1. Intrinsic Ureteral Endometriosis. Indian Journal of Urology 1999 ; vol 15; No 2: 155 – 57.
  2. Entrapped Ureter in partially duplicated Inferior Vena Cava. Indian Journal of Urology 1999 ; vol 15; No 2: 157 – 58.
  3. Primary closure of abdominal wall defect in adult exstrophy patients with Tensor Fascia Lata myocutaneous flap – A  report of 3 cases – accepted in Dec ‘2000 for publication in BJU – International .
  4. Mystery of the ‘missing ‘ ureteric stone – accepted for online case report section of BJU – International in Jan ‘2001. Others under consideration
  5. A rare complication of suprapubic catheter.
  6. Multiple Urogenital Anomalies in a young girl.
  7. Quadrifid – Bifid single system ectopic ureters.
  8. Contributed a Chapter on Kidney masses in the book on ‘Bed side clinics & surgical rounds.
TRAINING COURSES AND WORKSHOPS actively participated in:
  1. National Seminar on "Sports Medicine" in May 1989, organized by Indian Medical Association and Sports Authority of India.
  2. 2 nd International AIIMSONIANS Conference on "Health Care Challenges" in December 1996 at AIIMS
  3. Update on Uro-Oncology at Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre in November 1995.
  4. XVI Asia-Australasian and XVII National Conference on "Critical Care Medicine and Emergency and Disaster Medicine" held in December 1995.
  5. First International Conference on "Trauma and Critical Care" at AIIMS in November 1996.
  6. Operative urology workshop , CUE, in the 31 st National Annual Conference of the Urological Society of India   USICON-98, Chandigargh, Feb. 98.
  7. Workshop on stricture urethra , Trivial in the South Zone Urological workshop (SZ-USICON), Kottayam, Kerela, Oct. 98.
  8. CUE at the 32 nd National Annual Conference of the Urological Society of India, USICON-99, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, Jan. 99.
  9. The 1 st National Post Graduate Teaching Programme under the aegis of South Zone Urological Society of India conducted at Menakshi Mission Hospital and Research Center, Madurai, Feb.99.
  10. 1st International Live workshop on Endo-urology ‘99, Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, Chennai, Oct. 99.
  11. International CME in Urology SGPGI Lucknow, Dec 99.
  12. Advanced Endourology workshop , Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi, April ‘2000.
  13. Live operative workshop on Laparoscopic Urology organized by Banglore urological Society at the Command Hospital, July ‘2000.
  14. Interactive Urodynamic workshop organized jointly by Indian Continence Foundation, Asia Pacific Continence  Advisory Board & Asian society for Female Urology in Nov. 2003, at Banglore.